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We bought our 2013 Washington and brought it home....below is an email my husband sent to their "customer service department". He finally got a hold of them with their response...we're screwed! Gonna cost us thousands to fix and after reading all these posts, am scared it's not over yet.

Believe it or not, they actually installed our front jacks backwards and still say it's our fault as we should have caught it during "normal maintenance"!

Oh, and all this happened, just as warranty ended! Go figure!

I’m writing for several reasons, first to inquire if there’s been any progress regarding the apparent manufactuer’s incorrect install of the front jacks ($1700 to rectify); re email dated 20-04-2015, attached. I spoke with our RV Service Manager last week and was assured you would be contacted and sent more information.

Second reason is since we’ve had this unit, the driver side bedroom slide has been notoriously difficult to open and close. We’ve finally found out why. Water has been seeping into the slide for a long time and a significant amount of damage has occurred. As a matter of fact we are now taking the fifth wheel to an RV dealer in Alberta (an authorized Rushmore dealer) to have the slide totally rebuilt. The outer skin has areas that are bulging outward, the underside of the slide is cracked in two places and there are several bulges indicating swelling of wood due to water. The front bottom Swintek track on the slide has been forced out of position and three screw heads have been sheared off due to the swelling inside the walls, floor and roof. I don’t know if the other tracks have been affected but I would be very surprised if they weren’t. It’s necessary for me to push from the outside (to assist the motor) to retract the slide and while extending the slide to push from the inside. Within the slide roof, water seeped throughout and was leaking onto the vanity top through the light fixture which warped and cracked the vanity counter as a result which meant it had to be trimmed because it was unusable and the warping made it impossible to close the slide as it warped far enough to not clear the mattress when closing. There is mold within the walls and roof. I inspected the insulation through the light fixture in the vanity portion and the insulation was soaked and the plywood I could touch was de-laminating and crumbling. When I had the slide inspected by a qualified technician, he pointed out that the Dricor had cracked and separated from the joint between the roof membrane and the interior wall of the slide, he also pointed out that the caulking all around the slide was spotty and therefore ineffectual. It’s obvious these were the areas water penetrated. I anticipate this will cost in the thousands to repair.

Third, the passenger side bedroom slide, quit working last summer. We had a qualified technician inspect the slide and motor. He told me that the front top motor connector was loose. After he apparently re-seated the connector the slide once again worked. However, this didn’t last long. This summer we went on a three week holiday and the first time we tried to close the slide it wouldn’t work. I had a quick look at it and found two broken wires. We were in Calgary, we called a mobile repair technician and after inspection he informed me what the “real” problem was. That the wires had worn through by friction with the slide wall and this happened because the motor was installed 180 degrees out of position. He showed me the way it was installed and the way it should have been by inspecting the adjacent motor. If it was installed correctly the wires would have been free of any contact with the slide wall or the body of the trailer. So he had to remove the motor, re-solder the wires onto the circuit board (all were close to being worn through) and re-install the motor correctly. A $250.00 bill.

Fourth, when I take into account the added difficulty we’ve had with the Lippert six-point levelling system, this fifth wheel should never have passed a PDI. The levelling system issue remains unresolved and it’s extremely frustrating. This should also have not passed the PDI. We have sought technical assistance on several occasions and were given different instructions on every occasion. We are still trying to learn the correct procedure. I haven’t figured out if this is a fault or procedure issue. Either way it’s cost us several hundred for technical assistance and inspections so far. To be blunt, the Lippert technicians providing support have been inconsistent in their troubleshooting, lack knowledge and are ineffective overall. They all gave different instructions, some didn’t know the difference between hydraulic and electronic systems and some couldn’t even begin to provide appropriate assistance. I have no idea what this may end up costing if it’s computer module or programming failure or equipment failure. Not one of the technical support staff could tell me what the cost of components is.

Fifth, while on our vacation this summer the passenger side living room slide somehow became misaligned. I found this out the hard way because the slide would not fully retract. The rear top of the slide was almost tearing off the inside wall of the unit because the screws were jammed up against the edge of the inside wall. The forward edge was barely closing the gap between slide and trailer body. I could push several fingers past the rubber to the inside when the slide was closed. Too close the slide it was necessary for me to push hard on the rear wall of the slide to get the slide wall to pass into the unit without catching on the unit wall. This slide does not have the Swintek system, it’s geared. So now I have to get our RV dealer back in Alberta to fix that as well. Probably several hundred more dollars.

Sixth, the leaky windows. I’ve noticed the rear window leaks in moderate to heavy rain. It leaks to the inside from the seal along the top of the exterior fixed window pane. I don’t know how long this has been happening but I would bet a month’s pay there is moisture within the rear walls of the unit. Nor do I know if other windows are leaking. Based upon our experiences thus far, I would be very surprised if this was the only window.

Seven, we’ve already had to replace the bathroom fan.

This is quickly becoming the trailer from ***. I’ve asked for help from the Alberta RV Service Manager to document all work in detail and provide a Complaint Correction form. I believe you’re familiar with that document. They will not seek payment from your company, I must pay them and seek restitution on my own. If there is any goodwill whatsoever within your organization I expect to share this burden with Crossroads, as a minimum. Should a survey be conducted, my wife and I would qualify as one of the most dissatisfied customers in the history of Crossroads. This is not the first trailer or fifth wheel that we’ve owned. But it is by far the most troublesome. One of the things that gall me the most is that Crossroads touts this fifth wheel as one of the best.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to "an aplogy from the president of company and then fix and refund at least 1/2 as it was there fault...manufacturers installation error!" as the author lost $10000. Jodilen is overall dissatisfied with Crossroads Rv. The most disappointing about 2013 crossroads rushmore washington rv at Crossroads Rv was trying to get warranty work done, poor quality and rodney Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Understand all of it. We have a 2013 Rushmore.

Same issue with bedroom slide. Rebiilt it myself cause Crossroads said it wasnt their problem.

It was a build issue which was confirmed with pictures. I have found that I am much better at repairing issues than any dealer; not bragging just tired of getting lied to and getting screwed!

Mccalla, Alabama, United States #1315656

We also own a 2013 Crossroads Rushmore Lincoln. I will not even mention the smaller problems we have had.

However, when traveling through Texas we too noticed that our front driver side slide was coming out to far when closed. Upon inspection my husband realized that it was actually pulling away from the side of the RV. We took it to a dealer and was told it is a structural problem. In other words, a problem in the way it was manufactured.

Upon speaking with Crossroads we were informed that there is no warranty so they will not fix it. Our extended warranty will not fix it because it is structural and our insurance will not either. So we have a 5th Wheel that is advertised as a luxury rv that is 3 years old and basically worthless. The dealer will not even attempt to fix it, because it can't be fixed.

Next step, my attorney. I would never spend one red penny to purchase a Crossroads product.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #1203791

We maybe as well


If anyone is in the process of a lawsuit against Crossroads, please contact me. Possible to join in a Class Action Suit?



Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1174903

We also have had very similar issues with our Crossroads Rushmore 5th Wheel. Even having to have the manufacturer take it back to resolve many issues.

Now our Lippert system has gone out.

Have you had any success with a resolution?

Please feel free to contact me as we would like to take this to the legal route.

Rob Wolfe


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #1056503

we're still in talks with Crossroads about the jacks, but they won't do diddly about the slide issues as they state it was our fault as it's "part of normal maintenance"...which of course is BS as it was both there and the retailers fault for not doing their jobs. they assume everyone is an RV mechanic when they purchase anything.

I want to go further, but hubbys says it's just not worth the headaches.

Its currently at an RV dealer in Spruce getting all the slides fixes, which is gonna cost us a bundle....last trailer, last purchase. Done with Crossroads


Hi, did you ever have any luck with this? I also bought a 2013 crossroads trailer from Leduc and have had nothing but issues with it.

Currently it is sitting in my local RV dealers yard waiting for a whole new front cap to arrive. First it started with the bathroom sunlight leaking, then the kitchen sink drain disconnected and started leaking in the RV, none of the plugins have worked since we bought it, the underbelly has a huge tear in it, the drivers side brake wiring disconnected, and to top it all off we recently discovered this water leak above our bed which is coming from the light fixture. Found out all of the seals on the roof and from of the trailer were coming apart and cracked almost entirely therefore the whole front of the trailer is saturated with water! My local RV dealer tried going to bat for me, but had no success, so then I personally spoke to a supervisor at their head office and they wouldn't budge.

Of course I'm 3 months past manufacturers warranty, but something like this is a quality control issue that needs to be dealt with by the manufacturer. What happened to standing behind your product?

Complete bull$**t! Rant over :P

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1045486

I'm suing Crossroads for my Crossroads Aire Nightmare in Ky. if your attorney wants to look up my lawsuit

to Edward Vaughn Madill, Oklahoma, United States #1142813

we are suing as well

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