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We have a 2014 Zinger 5th wheel. It smells like a musty basement.

When we bring things home from the trailer it smells up our house and cupboards. I'm at my wits end. I have used air fresheners, charcoal packs, damp rid.... I would love to get rid of it but we owe more than it's worth!!

I'm glad we're not the only one dealing with this issue.

But it's so frustrating!!! If anyone has found anything that works, please let us know!!

Review about: 2014 Crossroads Rv Zinger 31bh Rv.

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Same. We have a 2015 Crossroads Rezerve.

The smell is awful. Permeates everything. We cannot even put food in our trailer or it will taste bad within a couple of hours. Everything in our trailer is ruined because once it goes in, the smell cannot me washed out.

It’s not new trailer smell, it stinks and is getting worse every year. We are starting to think it’s bad for our health too.

to Just want help #1477191

I read that the smell is due to black mold growing because of leaking in the front. i would have this checked out. Don't know if it can be fixed.


Same problem with my 2014 Zinger. Has smelled bad like a musty basement since it was brand new.

Crossroads should come good for it, but they won’t. Will never buy another RV from these crooks ever again!!


So glad to see were not the only ones with this issue our 2015 zinger but this smell has always been a problem.....I thought I was doing something wrong....guess not. Thanks again for posting.

to C.woodward #1437574

Could you tell please we are in the process of buying one ,haven’t signed bank loan yet. Would it be wise to not buy this camper due to the large amount of bad reviews we have seen

to Donna Rowe61 #1437962

Personally, I will never buy another Crossroads product again.

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