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AFFIRMATION COUNSELING SERVICES 3701 Taylorsville Road Suite 4A Edward F. Vaughn MSSW, LCSW Louisville, Kentucky 40220 Phone/Fax: 502-459-0744 04/14/14 Crossroads Manufacturer 1115 W Lake St, Topeka, IN 46571 (260) 593-3850 My wife and I purchased our first "recreational" vehicle, a Crossroads Cruiser Aire CFL-28 CS, from Bluegrass RV in Lexington, KY on 01/24/2014.

We paid $31,646.50 for the 30' 6", 12' tall Recreational Vehicle. I have always interpreted the word "recreational" to mean something which is pleasurable, fun, and enjoyable. Our experience, conversely, was disastrous, miserable, and flat-out dangerous from the beginning. We picked the "recreational" vehicle up on or about 03/17/14 and it sat at our farm until my wife and I began our vacation on Saturday 3/29/14 and that is when the Crossroad Aire Nightmare began.

Saturday March 29, 2014: The slide extended and retracted the one time we extended it at the farm. We traveled from Louisville to Cuba Missouri (approximately 342.5 miles) and after we extended the slide it wouldn't come in on its own, I had to push it in to retract it. This is when my wife and my anxiety began. What would we do if we were a thousand miles from home, in an unfamiliar place and the slide wouldn't retract?

Would I be able to push it in the next time? What if I couldn't? One can't drive a Recreation Vehicle that is 8 feet wide with a 4 foot extension (making it 12 feet wide and 12 feet tall) down the interstate to a repair facility! Could a tow truck haul it if it extended into the next lane?

I just can't unhook from it and drive away. Where would we be able to get it repaired? How much would it cost? Would I have to pay for the repair and get reimbursed?

Is there someone that can repair it that would be covered under the year warranty? Would having someone not certified work on the unit void the warranty? How long would it take? How much of our vacation would we spend waiting in a lobby of a garage for it to be repaired?

If we left it to be repaired what would we do with all of the belongings in it? Would we be able to meet Sharon and Larry Homes at the Grand Canyon as planned? Would I be able to meet with and consult on the legal cases with attorney David Vandeventer as planned on Friday? How would our vacation be affected?

The phone calls began and the vacation ended; we were working. In addition to the major issue of the slide, the unit had been winterized and the antifreeze had to be drained. I had not drained previously in preparation for the drip due to the temperatures at home and the long winter we had experienced on the farm. There were no photographs that showed were to drain the tanks; there were no photographs that displayed pictures of the water heater and the drain values that had to be open to drain the tank or allow the hot water heater to be filled so that the customer could have hot water.

The manager of the RV Park who was very familiar with recreational vehicles and assist his guests couldn't locate the water heater and said each manufacture design and location of the hot water heater varied. The owner's manual refers the customer to the water heater's brochure which still doesn't tell the customer the location of the hot water heater, so the search began.....and after emptying each compartment of all content, the hot water heater panel was located and required a drill to remove the screws securing the panel inside the compartment on the back wall. Once the panel was removed, the customer has to crawl inside the storage compartment to reach inside and through and under the RV to open two values, one which allows water to enter the hot water heater and one that allows the water to leave the heater and flow throughout the unit (but that wasn't explained either; one has to have a working knowledge of plumbing which I do but neither of my adult sons would have had). This is significant because it speaks to the "detail" and attention or lack thereof by the Crossroads Manufacturing Company.

Sunday March 30, 2014: We drove all day, 544.7 miles (7 hr. 49 min.) making calls in an effort to locate a service center and in contact with Mr. Quinn with no results. We camped once again at Bobcat RV Camp in Sayre Oklahoma.

I was able to extend the slide but had to get the manager at Bobcat RV Camp who had been up too late the night before drinking a few too many beers to help me push the slide in (after he woke and we were delayed 3 hours awaiting his assistance). The others campers were men who were renting camp sites on extended stay due to working on the oil rigs and had left early in the morning for work. Monday March 31, 2014: I emailed my location to Bluegrass RV at 9:18 am on 3/31/14 so Frank could try to find someone in the area to work on it: 2043 2071 N. East Hwy.

66 Sayre, Ok 73662 We left Sayre Oklahoma and had to shorten our drive due to the delay in Amarillo, Texas. In Amarillo Texas we went to Custom RV, Inc. and after an hour of exploration they were unable to locate the control panel to the schwintek slide and hydraulic system but were able to repair the hot water heater and the micro fuse located on the outside of the unit. After three hours of waiting, we were on our way again to the next destination and making all of the telephone calls resumed in an effort to find another service center that could repair the slide in consideration of the criteria which had been established.

Our anxiety continued and increased with each technician that was not able to repair the slide. Those questions were now more haunting, daunting us, "What would we do if we were a thousand miles from home, in an unfamiliar place and the slide wouldn't retract? What if three men can't push it in next time? Would I be able to push it in the next time by myself if I can't find anyone to help?

What if I couldn't? One can't drive a Recreation Vehicle that is 8 feet wide with a 4 foot extension (making it 12 feet wide and 12 feet tall) down the interstate to a repair facility! Could a tow truck haul it if it extend into the next lane? I just can't unhook from it and drive away.

Where would we be able to get it repaired? How much would it cost? Would I have to pay for the repair and get reimbursed? Is there someone that can repair it that would be covered under the year warranty?

Would having someone not certified work on the unit void the warranty? How long would it take? How much of our vacation would we spend waiting in a lobby of a garage for it to be repaired? If we left it to be repaired what would we do with all of the belongings in it?

Would we be able to meet Sharon and Larry Homes at the Grand Canyon as planned? Would I be able to meet with and consult on the legal cases with attorney David Vandeventer as planned on Friday? How would our vacation be affected? The phone calls began and the vacation ended; we were working.

While in route phone calls were made to Bluegrass RV in Lexington, Ky. and Mark Quinn informing them of the results with Mr. Molina and asking for their assistance. We learned that Camping World could schedule us for April 11th, days out but we had to be home by April 13th and we didn't want to spend our vacation waiting in Amarillo Texas waiting to get the RV repaired.

Due to our delay in Amarillo we were only able to drive 298 miles to Santa Rosa, New Mexico where we stayed in Santa Rosa RV Park. The attempts to repair the defective RV extracted our time, physical and emotional energy and dominated our vacation. I emailed Bluegrass at 8:40 pm with our address: "Let him know that we're in Santa Rosa New Mexico. Where about an hour out of Albuquerque New Mexico.

I hope I can push the Slide out in tomorrow." I sent another email at 10:49 pm with a photo of different boxes that could be the control box he was looking for to help walk me through how to re-program the computer that operated the motors in order to sync them: "This is under the front compartment behind the tailgate. There's a small black box behind the battery could that be the black box you're looking for? I sent a 2nd email at 10:49am, with another photo, in an effort to identify the box he was looking for but couldn't locate talking with Crossroads: "This is a closer shot of the black box behind the battery:" At 10:51 pm a 3rd email was sent with another photograph: "This access panel doesn't mention any panel other than the access to the hot water heater so I don't think the hydraulic panel would be in there and I didn't see it." I sent a fourth email to Frank (Bluegrass RV) at 10:53 pm (at night when I should have been sleeping and enjoying my vacation) with another photo that I took in the dark in an effort to identity the control panel he wanted me to search for: "This is a small panel under the bedroom slide out. The people at custom RV and Amarillo said this is just for the bedrooms slide out not the two slides in the living area." Tuesday April 1, 2014: After numerous phone calls along our route we were able to have Ron Molina who services RVs at USA RV Park in Gallup, NM.

87301 make a service run to the RV Park. (We contacted him at the request of Mark Quinn (Crossroad Customer Service) who suggested we ask the manager of the next RV Park we stayed in if they had someone they used to repair RV's on site at their location. (Mr. Quinn verbally assured me that whoever I found to work on the unit would not void my warranty but I don't know if he would have honored his word.) After one hour of evaluating the slide and looking for the panel to the module that controlled the hydraulic slide, Mr.

Molina was not able to find the control panel and Mr. Quinn at the Crossroad Manufacture informed me the engineers at Crossroads themselves, did not know the location of the control panel where the hydraulic system could be re-calibrated. Neither I nor Frank the owner of Bluegrass RV could believe that the engineers at the manufacture didn't know the location of the control panel for the hydraulic system...."unbelievable" Frank remarked. Mr.

Molina would not charge me because he was unable to fix the slide but I was able to persuade him to take $20.00 for his fuel used to make the run. Wednesday April 2, 2014: The next morning, I was not able to push the slide in and asked two men camping at the RV Park for help. We were able to push it in. After the three of us pushed the slide in (while my wife push in on the button) the slide no longer made the loud popping noise it had made previously which also shook the top side of the trailer as it slid in leaving a black mark on the side of the slide.

I requested that Crossroads locate and exchange our unit with another along our route but Mr. Quinn did respond to my request. It was at this time that I realized my wife and I were working for (and had been working for) Crossroads Customer Service in an effort to locate repairs covered under the warranty. I realized we were hauling a defective product that would eventually have to be "re-manufactured" by Crossroads.

That re-manufacturing did not occur until visiting three additional service centers. At 9:57 am I sent Donna at Bluegrass RV another email: "Donna, as you may be aware, my slide out isn't working. Two RV mechanics have looked at it, one at Custom RV in Amarillo and one yesterday at our camp site at USA RV Park in Gallup New Mexico. Neither have seen a unit made like this one.

The one yesterday said he services units all summer long here at this camp site. He was able to find the motors located on the top on each side of the slide, on the inside of the unit. He thinks the gears are stripped out on the left side. It is making a loud popping noise.

I spoke with Terry yesterday and he said they would pay for the repairs if a man came to the camp ground to fix it. I think the whole slide out will have to be taken apart. Ron Molina, the tech that came yesterday, is coming back this morning to help me push it back in. It's getting harder to push in each time.

Neither mechanic can find a manual jack to pull it in nor can I. Can Frank or Terry find the location of the manual override? Can anyone at Crossroads do anything?????? What a punch of.......

The LCI Component Manual refers to a manual override on page 12 but neither he nor I could find the label to remove to adjust the slide and it would have voided the warranty if we had. I am on vacation...what am I suppose to do. Terry needs to find me a unit and have it delivered to me so we can swap them out and absorb the loss, because this vacation cost me two weeks of loss income to take and I'm spending this time researching repair of slide outs. What is Terry's email address and what is Frank's?" At 10:23 am I sent another email to Donna at Bluegrass RV: Here are some YouTube videos on repair and manual overrides that Frank may want to be aware of: Here is the conversation I had this morning with Camping World: Ramon] May I help you find what you're looking for?

[Visitor] cruise air by crossroads [Carleen] Hello, my name is Carleen. May I have your name so I know who I'm chatting with? [Carleen] We have several Crossroads. Let me check if we have Cruise Air by Crossroads.

How soon would you be needing this? [Carleen] I don't mean to rush you. Just checking, are we still connected? [Visitor] I bought a Crossroad Cruiser Air in Lexington, Ky.

I have been camping for 4 nights and my living area slide out won't come in. I have to push it in and it makes a popping and clicking noise that is getting worse. It takes all my strength and good footing to get it in. Two rv mechanics have looked at it and couldn't fix it, saying they have never seen one built like this.

[Carleen] I It appears that we may have lost connection. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if we can be of further assistance. [Carleen] Hi! [Carleen] Would you want to have your RV serviced?

[Visitor] I spoke with Terry at Crossroads in Indiana and he said the warranty would cover it. It's a 2013 new unit. [Carleen] Thanks for letting me know. I will take note of that.

Before I forget, may I have your name please? [Visitor] Yes, but I need it fixed fast because I'm living and camping out of it. [Carleen] I understand. Let me forward this to the Service Department so they may contact you to help you with your problem.

May I have an email address where we can send the details? [Visitor] Edward F. Vaughn 502-500-3016 [Visitor] 1201 Pebble Point [Carleen] Thanks Edward. Nice to meet you!

Shop hours are Monday to Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-2pm and closed on Sunday. I'll be forwarding this chat as soon as we finish and rest assured we'll be in touch. Would there be anything else I may help you with? [Visitor] Goshen, KY 40026 [Carleen] Thank you for your address.

[Carleen] I have everything noted and will forward this after our chat. Anything else that I can I assist you with, Edward? We left Gallup, New Mexico and drove to the next service center at the direction of Mark Quinn, Flagstaff Sales and Service, Inc. in Flagstaff Arizona.

We arrived before lunch and were there until closing around 6:00 pm. After 7 or 8 hours of waiting, the Robert Martinez and his technicians were not able to fix the slide. They advised they didn't think they would be able to fix it even if they tore into it and didn't want to take a chance of taking their time and ours with no guarantee of repair. This was really scary because they said they get 4 or 5 units in a day and four or five repaired each day!

While waiting I asked the parts manager if they had parts for a schwintek slide and he looked into his computer and was not able to locate that brand of slide. He said they carried parts for 4 other slide manufactures but not schwintek. The snow falling outside in the RV parking lot was not the view we expected. Instead of gazing on the Grand Canyon we were gazing at broken Winnebago's awaiting repair of their transmissions.

After leaving Flagstaff Arizona we drove to our camp site in Williams Arizona. As we pulled into our camp site at Canyon Gateway RV Park, 1060 N. Grand Canyon Blvd., in Williams Arizona 86046 (928-635-0329). We met my wife's college roommate there who drove from Settle Washington and had been site seeing with their Keystone Cougar RV for 8 weeks without one problem while I had only been traveling for 5 days with problems each day.

Their slide had two large steel bars under it to support it while mine had two thin aluminum frames, one at the top and one at the bottom on each side. I could easily see why I was having trouble and they were not. That evening when Mr. and Mrs.

Larry Holmes came over to see our new RV they were impressed with the raised ceiling and even though our RV was the same length as theirs, they felt ours was bigger. I should have let it go at that but I made the mistake of putting on a pot of coffee after I turned off the heater, making sure the water heater was on gas and nothing else was running; it was then that the lights begin to dim and then flicker. Mr. Holmes (an experienced RV owner) begin to evaluate every possibility but we could not find the cause of the problem.

We went over to his Keystone Cougar RV and sat in a cozy RV and drank his coffee while sharing the story of our journey with our Crossroad Cruiser Aire. The next morning as I walked to the camp ground office to pay for my site, I felt immediate relief when I notice a tractor with a front end loader setting by the manager's office. I knew I could push the slide in with that (I started being able to laugh at our plight). Thursday April 3, 2014: It was the next morning that I contacted our attorney and began to copy him on all of my emails to Mark Quinn.

I was not able to leave for the tour of the Grand Canyon until I was able to finish my emails and make my phone calls. My wife and friends waited patiently on me while I finished my business (while on vacation). We finally got to go see the Grand Canyon. Friday April 4th, 2014: I sent this email to Mr.

Quinn at 10:34 am: This email is in response to your request for my current location in order to have my unit picked up and taken to Mesa Arizona for repair. We are staying at Canyon Gateway National Park located at: Canyon Gateway RV Park 1060 N. Grand Canyon Blvd. Williams, Az.

86046 Lot 50A As you are aware, we have stopped in Amarillo, Texas at Custom RV Inc., Exit 76, Access Road I-40 E. and they were not able to repair the unit. In response to your recommendation we also called the repair person that the USA RV Park use to repair units in their RV Park and he wasn't able to repair it. His name was Ron Molina 505-870-4728.

In response to your request we took the unit to Flagstaff RV Sales and Service, INC. and spent 7 hours in their waiting room only to be told they couldn't repair the unit. I have requested that instead of my driving the unit to Mesa Arizona and spending another day or two waiting for the unit to be repaired, that you have them send a truck to my location to take the unit there and return it when it is repaired. That request came after my request for you to find a unit like mine and exchange it, then repair this defective unit and resale it as a used unit and have Crossroads absorb the loss instead of my losing additional days of my vacation in an attempt to repair your defective unit.

I realize that your time is valuable; I am a therapist in private practice, when I am on vacation I am losing money because I am not in my office seeing clients. I charge $80.00 per hour to deal with other people's problems. I have not calculated the hours I have spent in phone calls and waiting in line for service repairmen to examine this unit. To say the least, I have not been able to enjoy the scenery due to having to coordinate my travel with contacting repair services, in the next town along my travel route, in an effort to determine their ability to repair the unit and my place on their waiting list.

As I explained this morning, I am here on vacation but to also meet with David Vandeventer, Attorney at Law, to consult on a case today where a young woman was traumatized by the police in the course of an arrest and I am unable to drive your unit to Mesa, Arizona two hours south of my travel route when I had planned to see Colorado after the Grand Canyon, the meeting with the attorney and onto Colorado. It is 7:24 am. Arizona time, 10:30 your time. At 11:16 am attorney David Vandeventer emailed Mr.

Quinn: Dear Sir/Madam: Please consider this matter to be a potential litigation matter. You are now on notice that you have a duty to preserve all evidence relating to this matter. If you have questions, contact your counsel. In addition to having his vacation ruined, my client has substantial expenses due to this defective unit.

We will be in touch about compensation later. David Vandeventer AZ Bar #30321; KY Bar# 72791 I sent Mr. Quinn another email at 12:01 pm explaining my frustration: I do appreciate your working with me over the last four days, but to give you an idea of how this working with me goes, when you called me at 5:37am this morning, I was awakened because it was 8:37 am your time. You said you would be calling Flagstaff RV this morning to determine why they were unable to fix it, when I was there two days ago and Frank at Bluegrass spoke with you yesterday morning and you told him you would call me when you hung up from talking to him.

I received no calls yesterday and assumed you were trying to find me a unit in my area to exchange. So here I am this morning hear from you again in an effort to coordinate with someone... from somewhere.... to fix this unit somehow.

So am I to leave the unit here and go meet with the attorney on the case I mentioned, or do I need to be here when it is picked up?? Have you arranged for it to be picked up yet? It is three hours after our initial call and the people in Mesa aren't open yet. I waited all day yesterday to hear from you and didn't.

How long should I wait today in an effort to be cooperative and work with you on this issue? At what point would you think this wasn't working? I got to tell you, this is my first experience with an RV and I'm not enjoying the RV or my vacation. What is your process for returning this unit to the dealer for a refund since you are unwilling to exchange it?

RECEIVED PHONE CALL As I was typing this email, Jim (wouldn't give me his last name) from RV Renovators called me to say he could get to it on Monday. He said we could bring it there...they don't pick up on "short notice" but if I could drive it two - three hours south of my location, we could stay on their lot, assuring me the gate was locked at night and we would be safe. He is certain he could get me hook to electricity but not sure about water. We could spend the weekend on their lot and they could have the parts shipped there and start on it first thing Monday morning three days later from today.

If driving 2-3 hours south isn't a big deal then find someone to drive 2-3 hours north, get the unit, drive it back 2-3 hours south, and fix it. You said it would only take 3 hours to fix it so I should be able to pick it up tonight after my meeting and be in Colorado by midnight??? Maybe it's just me and I am being difficult to deal with but spending my vacation on your lot in Mesa Arizona seems unreasonable to me. Maybe I am not as grateful as I should be but I got to tell you, I'm not feeling the love here...." I forwarded the previous email to Donna and Frank to keep them informed at Bluegrass: "Are you getting these emails?

Can you believe this???? You have got to be amazed at all of this. Have you ever heard of anything like this? Please forward these to Frank.

He can't believe it either." (This indicates that Frank and I did, in fact, have a conversation.) I sent a confirmation email to RV Renovators in Arizona at: "This email is in regards to our conversation yesterday in which I confirmed that I would deliver this unit to your address tomorrow morning between the hours of 9-12 in Mesa Arizona for repair on Monday morning. It is my understanding that Mr. Quinn from Crossroads will deliver the replacement parts to you tomorrow for installation on Monday morning. Has Mr.

Quinn provided you with his payment information? This unit is under warranty and it has only been used since last Sat. (7 nights) with the slide out having to be pushed in on 5 occasions with assistance of 1-3 persons. The service manager, Rob, at Flagstaff RV repair had to push it in manually to pull it around to be evaluated after they determined they could not repair it.

It is my understanding that Mr. Quinn is having a different system sent to you for installation." My identifying information is: Edward F. Vaughn 1201 Pebble Point Goshen, Ky. 40026 Phone: 502-500-3016 Mr.

Quinn sent another email at 12:34 am: Ed, Sorry you are having issues on your vacation. As we discussed, Rv Renovators is the shop we need the repairs completed at. They will definitely be able to handle anything that comes up. Sorry for your inconvinience and I will cover the fuel for your trip to and from Mesa.

Please save your reciepts and send them to me along with the address you would like the check sent. They normally take 2 weeks to process. Thanks Mark Quinn On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 12:35 PM, I received the following email from Mark Quinn: Ed The system is leaving today and will be there tomorrow. Thanks Mark Quinn I met with David Vandeventer, the attorney I had planned to meet with to discuss two separate and unrelated cases.

He drove to Sedona Arizona to have lunch with my wife and I save me a trip to Phoenix. At 12:50 pm Mr. Quinn contacted us there with this email: Ed The parts are shipping from our Vendor. They called us and had to ship this Freight and not ups.

The earliest the freight company can get it there is Monday. At 1:18 pm I sent Mr. Quinn an email in an effort to get a guarantee time frame: "If they ship freight can they guarantee a time or is it going to be sometime on Monday meaning Monday afternoon? Why couldn't they ship overnight UPS?" My son, Jason Vaughn, is an executive at UPS Logistics; so I decided to consult him in hopes that he may be able to help with a solution.

At 1:39pm, Jason emailed Mr. Quinn the following: "Where is this product shipping from? What are the weight and dimensions?" Mr. Quinn refused to respond to his inquiry.

I sent a follow-up email at 4:26, which read: "My son Jason Vaughn works with UPS he's in charge of logistics and he wanted to know the size the weight of the dimensions of the package in order to ensure overnight delivery. He is concerned that if you send it Freight they may not get it until Monday afternoon or evening. He advises that UPS does have some freight that is guaranteed overnight delivery that's why he needs the size and weight and dimensions. Please forward me that information so that I can be assured that we can start many morning." I received no response until Monday morning.

Saturday April 5th, 2014: This meant that instead of visiting Bryce Canyon on Monday and Arches National Park on Tuesday we could spend that time in Mesa Arizona at RV Renovators in another attempt to get our slide repaired. Jim, the service manager at RV Renovators "offered to allow us to spend the weekend on Saturday and Sunday camping beside his repair garage secured with a chain link fence and would give us a key to allow us to come and go as we pleased". Jim really meant well and was as nice as he could be but that wasn't the view my wife and I had planned to gaze upon while in Arizona. Our attorney felt sorry for us and coerced us to stay in a cabin he owned in Pine Arizona instead of the accommodations the service center and Crossroad offered (actually Crossroads offered nothing), which was much nicer than a repair center in a parking lot in Mesa Arizona.

We were forced to arrive on Saturday morning before 11:00 am because they were not open on Saturday and Bob would only be there until 11:00 am. This met that we had to leave Williams Arizona early to prepare for the three hour, 189 mile drive to Mesa to a unknown location surrounded by construction. We made it in time!!! Thank goodness for Bob Hauck the technician that helped us hook up because when he plugged us in, we had a new problem, the refrigerator light was blinking.

We thought we just needed to turn on the gas as a back up to the electric....not so easy. Bob evaluated the problem and discovered that our wiring had a problem, both sides of the box were "hot". He look for over an hour before he realized that the wiring in our electrical cord that ran the electricity from his hook up to ours was faulty. He had to take the end of the cord off and re-wire the connection to the trailer.

I remember when I went to enter the trailer the door was open. I assumed my wife had not closed it when she locked it but no harm, no foul because the hand rail that closes against it (when in travel) had held it closed. It was not until arriving at later stops and camp sites when I made sure the door was closed and both locks were locked that I realized the unit shifted in travel to such an extent that the frame bends and twist resulting in the door popping open from the pressure created by the twisting and shifting of the whole RV frame of the on the chassis. This may be created by an inadequate suspension system in an effort to contain cost in the manufacturing process.

We've all built things on a smaller scale only to have them fall apart when we picked them up and tried to move them. Sunday April 6th, 2014 My wife and I stayed at a Comfort Inn down the street from RV Renovators waiting for them to open on Monday. Monday April 7th, 2014: I received a response to my Friday email to Mr. Quinn at 9:14 am: I did not receive this email until this morning.

The company shipping the parts would always prefer ups as a opposed to freight. The cost and service is much better with UPS. By the time I received the information on how they were sending the parts, they were already on the truck. I will contact RV Renovators today and follow up.

Thanks Mark Quinn I received a call from Mark Quinn around noon who reported the parts for the repair had arrived at in Mesa Arizona but they were looking for someone to deliver them to RV Renovators. RV Renovators removed the old slide and replaced the new slide with two new motors, gears, gear shafts and slides. They completed over two pages of itemized repairs totaling over $1,100.00. I had a rebuilt, re-manufactured, new unit.

I have seen re-called, re-built, re-manufactured appliances sold at Big Lots but hadn't considered that being offered in a recreational vehicle. I expected Crossroads would have given me a new unit and absorbed the cost of the transportation and the time consumed in repair themselves but Mr. Quinn refused to respond to giving me a new unit or a loaner while he repaired the unit. He chose instead to employ my wife and myself to handle his responsibility.

After all it would not be cost effective for him to put two men in a truck with an RV to drive to Arizona and meet us so that we could continue on our vacation while his people absorbed the cost of time in the repair. We were indirectly then directly used/taken advantage of/involuntarily employed when Mr. Quinn refused to replace our unit, to work for Crossroad against our will. I'm sure Crossroad's position will be they made every effort to resolve the problem but what he won't say is they did so to minimize cost and avoid sending two men to drive overnight from Topeka Indiana to any of our camp sites along the way including Arizona.

Tuesday April 8th, 2014: At 12:18 pm we received an email from Mr. Quinn: Ed, Just following up, I spoke with Jim, he told me you are on the road again. Thanks for your patience. Mark Quinn RV Renovators were wonderful and finished the repair late Monday afternoon.

We stayed at the Comfort Inn another night (as opposed to the parking lot) and left for Durango Colorado the next morning. We drove 428 miles over the mountains and after 7 hours before arriving at our destination. When we arrived the slide which we had tested at RV Renovators and watched it work just fine (like it had at our farm before departing on our vacation) would not go out. One end would get a foot ahead of the other within an 18 inch distance before getting in a bind.

My wife and I couldn't believe it. We tried bumping it out....a process where you take it out 3"or 4" inches then stop it when it begins to get out of alignment and then back in an inch and back out 3 or 4 inches. This procedure had worked once in getting the slide back in. (This procedure was not in the owner's manual, the technician in Flagstaff informed me of the trick.) It didn't work because one motor started several seconds before the motor on the other end and was already too far ahead of the other end and in a bind.

My wife pushed on the button and I pushed on the slow end hard enough to catch it up and get the slide out. We planned on staying in Durango two nights so we wouldn't have to worry about the slide for the next 48 hours. Wednesday April 9th, 2014: I received another email from Mark Quinn: Ed, Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today. If the re-timing the slide doesn't work, we can work with your local dealer when you return home.

We will get this corrected for you. Thanks, Mark Quinn Thursday April 10th, 2014: When we got ready to leave I had to push the slide in once again but this time something was different, where before there was always resistance when I pushed it in and it went in ever so slowly as I applied all my strength, this time I could push it in 4 or 5 inches at a time with little resistance. I became concerned that the slide, the whole wall with the kitchen booth and love seat was now loose and could fall out of the side of the RV as I traveled down the road. I was afraid that if I hit a bump, a pot hole in the road, hit the rail in the road where the road meets with the bridge or over pass, it would just pop out onto or into oncoming traffic.

I sent the slide back out a few inches and back in, repeating the process several times and in doing so, I hoped it was latched and connected, then headed out for the three day drive back home. I sent Mark Quinn another email at 4:58 pm: The good news is I could get the slide pushed in, the bad news is I could push it in 4 inches at a time. It seemed like it was loose. I tried bringing it in 3 inches at a time and taking it back out to reset it but I couldn't get it to reset.

The furnace didn't lite last night but the oven and the water heater did. Do you have any idea whether it be Saw dust on the top of the bed every night when we pull into campsite? At first I thought it was just some loose saw dust but is there every night after we drive the unit. I just don't have any confidence in the construction of this unit.

Will be staying in motels until we get home. We worried all the way home, watching out of my side mirror for any movement that would indicate a potential disaster. I called Frank at Bluegrass RV and he asked me if the electrical connection to the motor had been disconnected from the unit because that would free the unit to be free and easier to push in or out (therefore easier to fall out) and I told him about the motor pushing it out a few inches and back in. He said to get it home and into his shop.

I told him I would have it there on Sunday and I delivered it as promised, on Sunday April 13th, 2014. I was never as relieved as when I unhooked that piece of *** from my truck. Our Nightmare was over. The end.

The lack of attention to detail in the owner and operator's manual is a perfect representation for the lack of attention in the construction of the Cruiser Aire. Ironically, the when Crossroads Company states: Attention to the details of manufacturing is part of the growth basis for Crossroads RV". "Business is up substantially over last year with additional growth projected for 2013, Kreider reports". (Source: That philosophy stated (attention to detail) was not the philosophy reflected in the construction of this unit.

Construction materials were left in the unit, under the slide that could have resulted in the slide becoming wedged and could have resulted in breaking the motor which was later discovered by another repair shop in Mesa Arizona: This material matches the trim and paneling in the unit. It doesn't appear that anyone is responsible for cleaning out the debris before completing the interior and any scrap material is just left to be covered by the interior walls. Each time the unit was transported saw dust fell from the ceiling onto the head board of the bed. That did not upset me and I assumed it was normal for the first several times that I transported the unit but after 15 days it continues to fall onto the headboard, the pillows, over the comforter and the bed has to be vacuumed before you can go to bed at night.

The values on the water intake control module had to be repaired due to the hoses not being screwed onto the values properly resulting in one value being crossed threaded and allowing air to enter into the system causing the water to splash out of the sink every time a facet was turned on: The dark grey connectors had to be added due to improperly connecting hoses and the center hose haven fallen off in the technician's hand when he was checking to see if they were tight. In my opinion this work indicates a lack of professionalism and inadequate supervision/quality control. It would seem to me that anyone could screw a hose onto a facet. When we purchased the 'new' recreational vehicle we didn't think we were purchasing a "recondition" unit like those vacuum cleaners one finds at Big Lots that were defective and being recycled to the public at a discounted price.

This incompetence is again reflected in the fender coming off of the unit while in transport on the interstate: Anyone should know these screws needed washers on them to strengthen them and hold the pressure of 70 mph winds (notice the small screw holes). The construction of this unit in my opinion doesn't reach the bar of common sense and I would hope doesn't meet industry standard, at least not in China and I would hope not in the USA. The gas furnace stopped working 3 days before the end of our trip. I am assuming that it is probably just another fuse that has been blown but Frank at Bluegrass RV will evaluate and repair that issue.

First and last, the slide.... We spent our time in travel making calls each day to find a service center along our route that repaired recreational vehicles. The criteria for determining which service center we could use had to meet the following criteria: Were they along our route? Could they schedule our RV immediately?

(Camping World could schedule us in 11 days were at least 2 or 3 days out but couldn't commit to a specific day and time) Were they an approved service center for warranty work by Crossroads in order not to void our warranty and have Crossroads reimburse us for the repairs? Did they have experience with Schwintek slides? Did they have parts to service the slide in stock? How much did something like this cost to get repaired?

(Would we have to transfer funds to cover the expense?) This is a Schwintek slide: The motor at the top of each side of the slide turns this small gear that moves the slide in and out. In our case one of the motors had cracked at the top and both motors were replaced after the fourth service center we had evaluate the problem. These two straps of aluminum attach to the side of the plywood frame. There is one of these frames on each side of the slide that hold the weight of a sofa and a kitchen table with a booth and people sitting on them.

Both straps of aluminum were bowed from being extended for a week. One of the service repair centers did not think this slide system was strong enough to support the weight of this slide and the length it extended. This makes sense to me especially since it cracked the head of the motor creating the loud popping sound we heard as the slide went in before it stopped going in and needed my assistance to retract and as the days went by required my assistance along with two other men pushing with me in order to get it retracted. At 5:47 pm.

on 4/10/14 I received an email from Donna Kush at Bluegrass RV: Gosh Ed, I am truly so sorry for the trouble you have come across with your camper on your vacation. I overheard you and Frank talking, and when you get back, we will get you straightened out. Promise it will get better. Donna It's now September 9, 2014 at 6:00 pm.

and the RV is still in Lexington at Bluegrass RV and the last I heard is that another motor on the slide went out while being tested again and a new one has been ordered. 4/28/14-- six hours 4/29/14 07/21/14 - 09/09/14--three hours inserting emails into this document.

Product or Service Mentioned: Crossroads Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $38000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Frank in lexington.

I didn't like: Crossroads.

  • Crossroads Aire Nightmare
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